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Great Mills Tritons
Local summer swim team
The Great Mills Tritons is a summer swim team with approximately
100 swimmers ages 4-18. We are part of the Southern Maryland
Swim League (SMSL).  The Great Mills Tritons Swim Team wants
to provide a fun-filled, educational and safe experience for our
swimmers. Our goals are for all swimmers to feel comfortable in the
water, know how to do the basic swimming strokes and have fun in
a team environment. If you would like more information, send us an
e-mail at .

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Upcoming events:  Some important documents to fill out in case you did
not get them via the Coach.
For the Invitational (need response by Tuesday):
Invitational RSVP

For the End of Year Party: End of year party July 31st @ 6:00 Base
Outdoor pool!
Enf Of Season Banquet RSVP
In the home stretch
All, we have a very inactive Facebook page. Would like to at least use
that site to gather any of the great pictures you took this summer.  Will
try to set up a rolling photo display at End of Season Party.  Facebook
page is Tritons Swimming, Inc.  Its a closed site so only those
associated with team will see the pictures

    If you have any questions or if for some reason links don't work email and an answer/email will be sent to you

Any questions for Coach Chris Rodkey,.email
Great Mills Tritons>
Welcome to the Great Mills Tritons