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Great Mills Tritons
Local summer swim team
The Great Mills Tritons is a summer swim team with approximately
100 swimmers ages 4-18. We are part of the Southern Maryland
Swim League (SMSL).  The Great Mills Tritons Swim Team wants
to provide a fun-filled, educational and safe experience for our
swimmers. Our goals are for all swimmers to feel comfortable in the
water, know how to do the basic swimming strokes and have fun in
a team environment. If you would like more information, send us an
e-mail at .

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Upcoming events:   Updated July 13 th 2017
-   Results for
TownCreek  are on Results tab.    

- Concessions will be offered for Home Meets - pizza, snacks, water and Rita's
ice.  Yum.  Proceeds go back to the Swim team

- Don't you want to jump in the pool with your swimmer? You may have the
opportunity, if you join the parent coach relays at meets!  OK OK only one
parent signed up last meet.  If we get two more at the next meet I might jump
in.  Wouldn't it have been nice to get cooled off last night.  I propose a parent
handicap.   Coaches lag 5 seconds behind and an additional 5 seconds for
every parent swimmer that did not swim in high school.

-Meet/Volunteer sign up link on the Calendar  tab.  You can sign up for the
whole season.  Coach Chris typically sends out an email stating when each
meet sign up is due.
-We are going to also post swim team details on Facebook Page  "Tritons
Swimming, Inc."   
If you have any questions email and an answer/email will
be sent to you
Any questions for Coach Chris Rodkey email
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Welcome to the Great Mills Tritons